Street Art of Blu: Murals in Berlin and Lisbon

I stumbled upon Blu murals on my last two trips to Europe. While I love Blu’s mind-blowing wall-painting animations like Big Bang Big Boom and Muto, it’s cool to come upon his still images—and remnants of his animations—on facades around the world. Especially when you’re not looking for them.

City: Berlin // Neighborhood: Friedrichshain

Mural from across a parking lot.
The first mural, across the River Spree, taken from the Oberbaumbrücke.
Wider shot showing an adjacent mural.
Closer view over a poster-strewn wall.
Massive pink man, made of many little men, hiding next to the Oberbaumbrücke.
The massive man of tiny men, up close.

Location: Lisbon // Metro Station: Picoas

Blu in Lisbon
Shot of a Blu-bombed building at Picoas Metro Station, on the yellow line, as part of a collaboration with OsGemeos for the Crono Festival.
Zooming in on the facade.
Straw detail.
Imagery along the curved corner of the building.
Shot from below. Details under ledges.


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