The UK, Instagrammed

I present to you my past month’s adventures in England and Scotland, via iPhone 4. With the exception of a handful of shots, most of these are Instagrammed. We spent the past month with family in Kent and London; friends in Oxford; university friends on a beautiful estate near Inverness, Scotland, for the New Year; and circles of friends — from Egypt and other places — throughout London.

I did a few things for the first time: wore a kilt, went clay pigeon shooting and shot a rifle, sipped whisky I actually liked (Dalwhinnie), ate pheasant, and more. I loved catching a good friend from college during a night of soup dumplings in Chinatown, and staying with one of my husband’s good friends in Islington, which is a lovely area of London (and has a tiny but solid pho shop).


* * * * *


* * * * *

Scotland (Near Inverness).

* * * * *

Kent (Maidstone/Leybourne).

Other Places Caught with My iPhone:


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