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Writing For Me, Writing For Others

In his post about the intrinsic value of blogging, Matt Mullenweg says blogging is harder than it used to be — today, on an internet of randomness and amid a sea of avatars, we pay more attention to stats and traffic: Counting our Likes. Watching our retweets. Hoping for that viral hit.

When I write with the intent to publish, when I write with the internet in mind — which is really all the time — the process is something else entirely. Something so different from the years I used to write in my journal, where I cleared the cobwebs and allowed my thoughts to stir in the same private space, over and over. I’m much too slow to be part of the day’s internet chatter. More reflective than reactive, I find that once I’ve formulated a response to a Big Idea, everyone else has moved on.

It’s already hard to write, period. To write for others is harder.