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Restaurant X

This open-air, chef-driven beachside dining spot, attached to one of the hippest boutique hotels in town, is bustling any time of day. With a rotating menu of farm-to-table delectables worthy of four Michelin stars, it serves up handcrafted tapas you can share with your beloved, and an assortment of the freshest entrees from the sea, caught by authentic local fishermen in the village just south. The wine list is extensive and daring and will not disappoint, while the mojito de la casa is an innovative reinterpretation of a classic drink, with a twist. The complimentary pre-dinner spread of regional cheeses, local honeycomb, and artisanal breads is an inspiring way to start this mouthwatering must-have meal. Delish!

Hotel Y

Nestled in a quiet, leafy cul-de-sac about a ten-minute stroll from the town’s quaint center plaza, this hidden gem of a hotel is sophisticated with a classy edge: the lobby displays expertly curated images of mural art from streets around the world with local flavor, while the reception desk blasts relaxing ambient beats at top volume throughout the day. Fit for the jet-setting global digital nomad, your nightstand has a fully charged iPad, installed with apps you specified at check-in, and a TV set up with staff-selected programs to inspire the stylish wanderer in you, from Mad Men to House Hunters International. Slightly off the beaten path, the hotel attracts an in-the-know clientele, from chic solo travelers to couples who want to see and be seen. Pro tip: While many guests have their own cars to explore the island, opt to rent from the establishment’s selection of vintage bicycles to get around in quirky style — we like the powder blue bike with the hand-woven basket, perfect to fit your rustic picnic goodies.

Attraction Z

Tired of hanging out with tourists rather than travelers? Ignore the touts at the market and plan your own spontaneous, hand-curated adventure. Most large tour groups visit this landmark in the morning en route to lunch, so go against the flow: have breakfast at the tiny local bakery with hipster vibe on the corner, just off the main drag, and be sure to order the strawberry kale juice, sprinkled with lavender — it’s not on the chalkboard menu, but the owner will gladly make it for those who want to engage in genuine cross-cultural interaction. Then, meander up a steep hill to the less-trekked rear entrance of the landmark, where you’ll be rewarded with stunning and pristine panoramic views, unseen by most except the exceptionally intrepid. Your calves might ache by the time you reach your destination, but you’ll appreciate the deeper dive into this historic, offbeat, and flavorsome residential district — and get a nostalgic dose of this culture’s rich, complex, and authentic past.

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