Twitter Poetry

Sifting through my digital detritus
some rare moments of light
while others
speak only
of the weight
I wish to escape

* * *


Perched over a tiny screen,
staring into the glow of the world,
like a presence in the clouds,
creating and uncreating with a click.


One day, I threw
a fishing line
into the internet
and I caught you.


Always so much
and never a dent
Scratching and chipping
Please throw me a vest


Ten tasks, all just okay
Mediocrity gets in the way
One thing is never enough
A light, diffused β€” it all becomes stuff


Testing testing testing
just to see
if I can type and send
a tweet like thisβ€”
dancing across lines
and spaces,
spreading the love.


Pulling the internet drip
out of my arm
I realize
all these streams
are full of nothing


Weeks without Twitter,
less of an Internet minion,
unchained from each moment,
free from the screen.
Irrelevant perhaps?
Yet fear is gone.

Published by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Senior editor and story wrangler, and Longreads. Not to be fed after midnight.

22 thoughts on “Twitter Poetry

  1. I already loved your photography now I love your word imagery, too! Also relate to the list of ten mediocre things–maybe number eleven is where the spark happens? We just have to keep pushing through the fog and flotsam. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks! As for the one on mediocrity and ten tasks — I think that one stemmed from the feeling of multi-tasking all the time, whether at work or in general. Always numerous browser tabs open — too much to read, though never focused or truly enjoying one thing. Or always a long To Do list, crossing things off to get them done, and doing OK jobs on all, but not excellent on any single one…


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