A Glimpse of Valletta

I’ve been in Valletta, Malta, for the past few days.

Our strolls so far have been focused in the old town, not far from our hotel. Today, we’re taking a ferry to explore around the island, and then headed to a village feast (I don’t know what that entails, exactly, but we’ll see!). The weather is lovely — a bit breezy sometimes, but the sun shines during the day, and the evenings are pleasant.

I’ll be here through next week, so I’ll try to share more photographs in between our excursions and work sessions.

the water

* * *

* * *

leading to water

* * *

tree and waterfront

* * *



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24 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Valletta

  1. Travel photography is possibly my favorite, it really connects one to how they feel as the picture is taken. Composing the shot as best you can in the moment or street photography. One of my favorite photos you have taken off its yours is the one of the cover image before entering into the wandering section. It’s a photo of an almost artistic painting that effects almost a mirror image at different zones.

  2. Beautiful shots of a lovely looking location. Another place I may never get to, but in my dreams. Thus, it’s a good thing I dream in technicolor. Lol.

  3. Ohh these photos are stunning! I’ve heard of Valetta, even booked a few flights there for clients when I worked as a travel agent, but for some reason I’d never have conjured up images like this for it.. it’s beautiful!

  4. Fascinating mix of old and new on those narrow streets. I love these pictures! Enjoy…we’ll look forward to more. The village feast sounds particularly interesting…almost medieval?

      1. Maybe something got lost in translation and it was actually a village ‘fete’…? (I only know of that cosy British ritual from reading Thirkell novels…!)

        Well it looks like, from your pictures, you were better occupied, anyway. :o)

  5. Every time you change themes you really go for a major shift, but you always make it work. Did you get bored with the other one? This one is simpler but it looks nice. Has a more homey feel. The pictures are great btw. Love old europe. We just don’t have those skinny streets in America, they have so much vibe to them. You really get that “old town” feel.

    1. I guess you could say I outgrew the other one (sounds better than saying “I got bored!”). I liked the homepage/landing page feel of the other one, but I realized I wasn’t totally happy with the overall look and feel, including the fonts and something about the layout felt closed, rather than open and airy. Not sure how else to describe it.

      I like this one because of all the white, and the delicate/elegant black font against the white. There’s actually so much more you can do with this magazine-y theme, especially on the front page, but I’m keeping it fairly simple. The con of this theme is that I need to swap out some elements every so often — the posts featured in the slider, the big quote and featured category of five posts below it, and then the quotes along the sidebar.

      Thanks for your comments on the photos!

  6. WOW! Seeing the first photograph, I felt like this place would have to be part of my bucket list. Thank you for sharing–it’s the next best thing to being there.

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