An Afternoon in Vittoriosa

I love the colors in Malta.

We took a water taxi from Valletta to Birgu (Vittoriosa), an old city on the south side of the Grand Harbour. We didn’t explore much of this area, but the route from the waterfront to where we ate lunch, Tal-Petut, was lovely.

Churches. Steps and statues. Decorative balconies and beautiful detailing around windows. I especially like the doors and bright pops of color against all the worn walls and light facades.

* * *

grand harbour
View of Malta’s Grand Harbour from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

* * *

water taxi and city
View of Valletta from a water taxi.

* * *

The front of a confectionery in Vittoriosa.

* * *

Blue window in Vittoriosa.
Blue window in Vittoriosa.

* * *

Green door in Vittoriosa.
Green shutters in Vittoriosa.

* * *

Green doors to Freddie’s Saloon.

 * * *

powder blue
A worn powder-blue wall, not far from Tal-Petut restaurant.

* * *

Automatticians in Vittoriosa.

Published by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Senior editor, Automattic. Editor and curator, Longreads.

8 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Vittoriosa

  1. Beautiful. I love their colorful take on entries and exits. Even the iron grating looks more friendly–all scrolled and curlicued. :o) I always respond eagerly to anything that suggests ‘confectionary’…


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