The Streets of Valletta, Malta

The capital city of Malta is lovely for strolling. Valletta is so compact. You can’t get lost. You just walk until you can’t anymore, until you hit the water and have to turn left or right.

It was my first time in Malta; Valletta was new and fresh, yet felt familiar, welcoming, and safe.

View of Valletta
Waterfront view

As I mentioned in my recent posts, I love the worn facades and colored doors in Valletta and Vittoriosa. And while there is so much more to Malta than I was able to see — resort towns, walled cities, grand cathedrals, lots and lots of churches — I was drawn to Valletta’s most accessible and visible bits: narrow and sloped streets, bright blue and green doors, old letterboxes, and red British post boxes throughout the old town.

Post box in Valletta
Red pillar post box
Street in Valletta
Street and cars
Old facade in the old town
Old facade in the old town
alley curve
An alley, winding left
Sloped street in the old town
Sloped street in the old town
Storefronts in Valletta
Old storefronts
Open green door
Open green door
A pair of powder-framed doors
Powder-framed doors
A pair of doors in Valletta
A pair of brown doors
Along the water
Along the water
A street intersection
A street intersection
A narrow alley
A narrow alley
Old green door in Valletta
Old green door
Letterbox on an old green door
Letterbox on an old green door
Bonheur Guesthouse
Bonheur Guesthouse
Letterbox on a door in Valletta
Letterbox on a green door
Series of doors in Valletta
Series of doors in the old town
Blue door in Valletta
Blue door

Photographs taken with a Canon G11 and iPhone 5s.

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16 thoughts on “The Streets of Valletta, Malta

  1. It is a very beautiful and useful article and thank you for posting it.
    I plan to visit Malta in a few months. Looking these beautiful pictures, I hope Ι will be able to go. It will be great! ✿

  2. I visited Malta when I was a child and remember how beautiful it was. I don’t think I have ever seen the ocean show off a more beautiful shade of blue since then. Thanks for bringing back lovely memories!

  3. As always you capture the soul of the place you visit, even for a short time. Although the colors of Malta are very Mediterranean, the winding streets, the closed shutters and the compact cars in Valletta take me to my native France. With a small pang of nostalgia and irresistible desire to be there. Thank you for the virtual trip.

  4. I was lucky enough to live for a couple of years in Mosta back in the late 1970s so these three posts have made me feel so nostalgic. I can almost smell the sandstone – thanks for the lovely reminders.

  5. Great series of shots ~ the first three are of such different composition, perspective and fit so well together. The fish-eye shot being my favorite, as it contrasts my ‘other favorite’ of the sea view shot so well. Another location to put on my growing list. Cheers!

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