On Wandering

I think the more places I go, the more I sense that this world around me is really just one thing. So there is no there. There is the same as here.
— Me, at Wander Home

I discovered Tessa Love’s blog, Wander Home, earlier this year, when I stumbled upon her musings on the fog of Northern California:

Fog is impermanent and unique, never covering a landscape in the same orientation, never bound to a timetable or season. In this way, each walk in the fog is like entering a new landscape, like traveling to a new place. Each turn unearths an unseen terrain, like wandering the streets of an strange city. We travel to become lost, to immerse ourselves in the unknown, and from there become present in ourselves, watching the world unfold around us. At home in the Bay, the fog does this for us, swallowing what is known whole and leaving us alone to explore the rest.

Longtime readers know that this blog was originally called Writing Through the Fog. I’ve since dropped the phrase as my site’s official name, as it was time for me to move on. But fog will always inspire and guide me, much in the way that Tessa beautifully describes above.

I enjoy the posts I’ve read on Tessa’s blog, and if you’re interested in what I write about here, I recommend browsing around at Wander Home. Tessa is publishing a new series of profiles on travelers and at-home explorers, and she asked me a few questions on what exploration and home mean to me.

Read the Q&A at Wander Home.

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