10 things I like, right now

The Things I Like approach is so freeing. So, I’ll write one for today.

  • Eating Against the Grain frozen gluten-free pizza — delicious and addictive
  • Binge-watching The Americans, which we just finished
  • Enjoying the current hot weather in the Bay Area
  • Discovering Island Hunters on HGTV
  • Using the sturdy, ultralight laptop/side table I bought at Cost Plus — one of the best buys for our tiny house
  • Planning our Utah/Arizona roadtrip – cannot cannot cannot wait
  • Being connected to only 10 people on Facebook
  • Wearing the same black cocktail dress to the weddings I’ve attended this year
  • Trimming my own bangs and not looking like a disaster
  • Canceling the wine clubs we joined when we were probably too drunk to make financial decisions


Published by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Senior editor, Automattic. Editor and curator, Longreads.

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