Pet peeves

  • When complete strangers try to add me on LinkedIn
  • When people I know who I’ve never worked with try to add me on LinkedIn
  • When people add me to their “travel blogger” lists
  • When someone else introduces an error into my copy
  • When photographers I enjoy following become brand whores on Instagram
  • Hashtag overload
  • In professional situations, when someone email-introduces me to someone without giving me a heads up first
  • When someone emails me for help or advice, and I take the time to offer it, and I don’t hear back from them (even a quick thank you)
  • Big internet personalities who are hardworking marketers but mediocre writers
  • Never really getting gifts for milestone events (like marriage or buying a home) because we approached them nontraditionally
  • The tech industry
  • The travel blogging sphere
  • The tiny house blogging sphere
  • San Francisco
  • People who are constantly negative (a bit like this list, ha!)

Published by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Senior editor at Longreads / Automattic

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