Zipping Through the Trees

I’m currently in Whistler, British Columbia, for Automattic’s annual company meetup. Today, some of us went ziplining between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, through an old-growth rainforest high above Whistler Village. The views are stunning from the trails, platforms, and suspension bridges up there. We hung upside down; we cannonballed to go faster; we zoomed though the treetops; we flew above rushing streams weaving through the valley. Such a beautiful place.








Published by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Senior editor at Longreads / Automattic

25 thoughts on “Zipping Through the Trees

  1. You’re in my ‘hood, sorta! I love Whistler for some of the mountain biking but have never actually dared to do the zipline (scared of heights, which makes biking challenging sometimes!), it looks great though. Automattic does seem to be a very cool company, if a little intimidating!

    1. The downhill biking paths were very cool although scary to me (I once got into a bad bike accident and have been scared of bikes ever since).

      Our company is great — and full of incredible people! Since we’re a fully distributed company, with coworkers all over the world who work from home, It’s the one time each year that we get together to meet face to face, work on projects, and just socialize and get to know each other. Ziplining is very much an effective icebreaker! 🙂

  2. Wooohooo I wanna do that. It looks like so much fun! And it’s close to Vancouver too so we could do a day trip. Looking to see it there’s any good weather coming!

  3. Ziplining is such fun, but I’ve never done it in someplace so scenic. That’s one of those “bucket list” things I’ve yet to accompish. I’m glad you had a good time!

  4. Hi Cheri,
    looks like the team is enjoying their adventure. I’ve decided though that you are missing age. Us oldies, we love to connect too, travel and share, we just do it in different ways – so my children keep reminding me. Thanks for the pictures i’ve only had the pleasure of Whistler in Winter. Beautiful.

  5. Your post makes me miss two things, one I have and one I have not had: Living in the mountains out west and working for a dynamic and progressive company like Automattic!

  6. My sister Deirdre lives in Vancouver, B.C. and I absolutely love Whistler. It’s so beautiful! I have a serious fear of heights so you’d never catch me on a zip line, but I admire you for doing it! What a fun place for a retreat!

  7. Yes, ditto, welcome to the great “PNW” and take some of that fresh pine scent home with your fleece… Bill

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