A Week in Nashville

I can’t believe it’s nearly May and I’ve not posted anything here all year. To break the silence, here’s a little gallery of photographs from a recent trip to Music City.

It was my first visit and I wasn’t sure what to expect of Nashville, but I really liked it, especially the neighborhood we stayed in (Hillsboro Village) and the area where we spent most of our time (12 South). We caught glimpses of other areas — Germantown, East Nashville, and downtown — and I see myself returning to eat my way through the city and check out more places to listen to music.


The exterior of Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James in the 12 South neighborhood.
Beers at The Filling Station, a bar in 12 South.
One of the walls in the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville.
A mural next to a downtown parking lot.
The bar at the Listening Room Cafe, a venue for singer-songwriters.
Shelves of recommended books at Parnassus Books, a bookstore co-owned by Ann Patchett.
A cute house across the street from Monell’s restaurant in Germantown.
Jeni’s ice cream shop in Hillsboro Village.
Lunch at Husk: fried chicken and sides. Husk is located in a historic mansion in Rutledge Hill, a few blocks from the heart of downtown.
Desserts at Husk.
The “I Believe in Nashville” mural just off of 12 Avenue South, next to Draper James.

All photos taken with an iPhone 7.

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7 thoughts on “A Week in Nashville

  1. Fantastic shots– I enjoyed looking at each quite a few moments. You have a great eye for the interesting bits of an ordinary scenario. And Parnassus Books? Lucky gal! I wish I could read what all the titles clearly… Lovely trip you had, it seems.

  2. I didn’t expect to like Nashville much either when I went there for a conference a few years ago, Cheri — but it really charmed me too! Your lovely photos have me thinking it’s maybe time for another visit. Thank you for the wonderful armchair adventure.

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