Streets of Saint-Tropez

In 2000, I studied in Cannes, France, during my junior year of college. I had the best time, and made some of my closest friends during this semester. I traveled a lot around Western Europe and also got to know most of the towns along the French Riviera when I was there, though had never passed through Saint-Tropez.

This summer, it was the penultimate stop on our cruise, and we spent a very quick several hours around the port, old town, citadel, and Place des Lices market. I didn’t take many photos — here are a few:

Images taken with an iPhone 7. Follow me on Instagram @cherilucasrowlands.


  1. Wow, lucky you for studying in Cannes! You must speak a little bit of French, then?

    I grew up quite far from southern France, but I love this area. Saint Tropez is quite some place in the summer. Your photos are gorgeous, and I love the fact that you were able to take them without too many people in the background. Glad you enjoyed my native country. Now enjoy your sabbatical.


    1. I studied French for 7 years before college so had some writing and speaking abilities which I practiced while there. I’ve forgotten much of it since then but can read enough to understand my way around whenever I visit France. I don’t think I can carry a conversation today, though!

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  2. those pics are soo clear…i love the streets though

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  3. Excellent photos, Cheri. I love the colors and details you’ve captured.

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  4. Love your photos. We were in Nice this summer, but only drove through Cannes. Wish we had had more time. I’m going to follow you on Instagram — hope you’ll do the same: @rushasams

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