Searching for Fairies

On Friday, I went to Point Richmond with the four-year-old. I’d googled “kid-friendly hikes in the East Bay” and found some trails. But then Emilia said she instead wanted to explore a new neighborhood, and I read that this area of Richmond, tucked away between I-580 and San Francisco Bay, is full of fairy houses. You’ll find them up and down Washington Avenue, on both sides of the street.

When we lived in Sebastopol, I began to collect fairy garden houses, furniture, and other decorations, which I placed in one of our raised beds and under our big oak tree. Here in Berkeley, they’re now in a little wine barrel display on our deck, next to some kale and chard I’m growing.

The fairy houses, stores, and other buildings of “Little Point Richmond” are pretty adorable. I don’t really take photos much anymore when I’m out and about but I couldn’t help taking pictures of everything we walked by.

I know it’s been awhile. I’m still here. Hope you’re all well.

Wish I put an object in here for scale! These are so tiny.
AC Transit sign and little bus stop.
Love how this is a miniature version of the house in the background.

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  1. The photos and little houses are exquisite. Yes! Has been a while. Four years old?! Time takes on different qualities, a patina with age. Be well and enjoy the season Cheri! Thanks for sharing this peep hole into your lovely world.

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