Kent Winter Adventures

We returned from a near-monthlong holiday in England. We hadn’t visited since Easter 2019, so it’d been a while. There were lots of ups and downs with the four-year-old, but we managed to power through numerous tantrums, and colds, on the trip. We’re back home now — Emilia with conjunctivitis, and me with pneumonia. We’ll just call them souvenirs from abroad.

Challenges and illnesses aside, it was a delight to watch my daughter play with her four cousins, two of which are close to her in age. Her cousins here in the Bay Area are all much older, so it was nice to see them all run around together, making the most of the outdoors (when it wasn’t raining, which was most of the time).

wooden sign in forest that reads "Mushroom Manor"
Sign in the fairy forest at Jeskyns Community Woodland
little girl in the forest, looking at a fairy garden house shaped like a boot, with a long staircase leading up to it from the ground
One of the fairy houses at Jeskyns
five kids playing outside on a sloped play area with two ropes to hang on
Playing in the Gruffalo playground at Jeskyns
landscape of countryside
Family walk in Trottiscliffe

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  1. Dear Cheri,
    So nice of you to share your time abroad with us here at home. England certainly is a lot different than here. Glad you were able to make the trip after such a long period of time. I’m sure the children gained some indelible memories 😊!

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