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Emilia’s Kidamento camera broke just days before we left for the desert. It’s a very kid-friendly camera that lets her print photos onto sticker paper, which is much cheaper than the film in more proper instant cameras). Since a new one would not have arrived in time, I ended up buying a Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 in case we wanted to take pics and give them to people we met along the way. It takes familiar retro-vintage pics, and while it’s rated as one of the best instant cameras out there, the quality varies widely from photo to photo.

Emilia still doesn’t quite understand how to look through a viewfinder, and I have to supervise her while using it since the film is more expensive than Kidamento’s paper rolls. Still, it’s fun and easy-to-use.

With her butterfly wings at our campsite
Eating lunch in the Music Bowl
Between the stages of the Music Bowl
Desert dad
Painting over one of last year’s murals at Kidsville
Painting a parasol at Kidsville
Playing around in the Music Bowl
In the Kids Chill Zone
Photo by Emilia
Photo by Emilia
Chillin’ in the wagon
Sundown is near
A Polaroid taken by our campsite neighbor

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  1. The photos are so fun and fabulous 💜😻. Lots of joy in the experience. Love your shares, always. ☮️💟☯️

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