Find Me on Substack

So, I did it. I joined Substack like all the cool kids and published my first post. Or I published my first edition. Or installment. Or letter. Or whatever it is. Because I’m not entirely sure how Substack works. What I do know is that it’s relatively easy to set up if you just wantContinue reading “Find Me on Substack”

Nick Cave on Shyness

I thought to share quotes from some of the stories and articles I’ve read this week, but they were mostly depressing and/or terrifying (like the Atlantic piece on the election). Instead, I wanted to share a site that I love to explore, especially when the news gets to be too much (which is often). It’sContinue reading “Nick Cave on Shyness”

Piercing through the fog

Shared this on Instagram and Facebook last month, when I got another tattoo: For most of my life, I’ve been drawn to Sutro Tower, which sits atop a hill in San Francisco. While it’s iconic, it’s often overshadowed: not necessarily pretty, and certainly not golden. For me, it has a presence much like the fog,Continue reading “Piercing through the fog”