10 things I like, right now

The Things I Like approach is so freeing. So, I’ll write one for today. Eating Against the Grain frozen gluten-free pizza — delicious and addictive Binge-watching The Americans, which we just finished Enjoying the current hot weather in the Bay Area Discovering Island Hunters on HGTV Using the sturdy, ultralight laptop/side table I bought at Cost Plus — one ofContinue reading “10 things I like, right now”

Old Yelp reviews: the jaded ex-raver edition

I used to write a lot of Yelp reviews, nearly 10 years ago. Some of them are funny. Most of them make me cringe. I was either too cool, or tried too hard, or suffered from cut-and-paste copy writing syndrome. Here are a few. They are also quite telling — each one a tiny bit ofContinue reading “Old Yelp reviews: the jaded ex-raver edition”

Stuff, things, to dos.

Tying up the loose ends related to the tiny house. That is another list in itself. Figuring out how to insure the house. Penning the handwritten letters I tell myself I’ll write to my friends. Planning my autumn Utah-to-Arizona road trip. Booking a long weekend trip to NYC, as it’s been too long. Ordering those bloodContinue reading “Stuff, things, to dos.”

My hands

I told him I wished that working with my hands came naturally, like it does for my father. I wish I could look at an object, and parts and pieces, and know what to do with them. I sometimes wish I could build with physical materials, rather than shape with words — that I could manifest creativity a different way.