Notes From Sabbatical and Photos from Hawaii, Weeks 3-6

Sabbatical weeks 3 and 4 (the second half of June) flew by. With the exception of yoga each day, it felt like I did nothing, and yet I felt I had no time to sit at my laptop to write anything. The two main things to note from those weeks were that a) my follow-upContinue reading “Notes From Sabbatical and Photos from Hawaii, Weeks 3-6”

Mother’s Day Weekend in Carmel

Had a little girls’ weekend in Carmel with my mom and daughter. My aunt — one of my mom’s sisters — and her partner live in Carmel Valley, so we visited them and went to the coast, had some proper pool time, and ended the weekend with a Sunday brunch at Folktale Winery. Momming isContinue reading “Mother’s Day Weekend in Carmel”

Palm Springs + Desert X

Team meetups have been at the core of my company’s culture since the beginning. I used to go on these trips more frequently in the Before Times, meeting my teammates all over the world: Granada, Hanoi (more), Playa Del Carmen (not sure why I don’t have photos), Valletta, Palm Springs/Joshua Tree, Nashville, Chicago, Edinburgh, LaContinue reading “Palm Springs + Desert X”

Kent Winter Adventures

We returned from a near-monthlong holiday in England. We hadn’t visited since Easter 2019, so it’d been a while. There were lots of ups and downs with the four-year-old, but we managed to power through numerous tantrums, and colds, on the trip. We’re back home now — Emilia with conjunctivitis, and me with pneumonia. We’llContinue reading “Kent Winter Adventures”