Embracing Idleness (Or, Notes from Sabbatical, Week 7)

I have officially reached the point in my three-month sabbatical when I’ve googled “Automattic sabbatical” to find blog posts written by my colleagues about their own time off from work. Writing about one’s sabbatical—either before, during, or after—isn’t necessarily a job requirement, but it’s encouraged. I already sensed what the gist of these posts wouldContinue reading “Embracing Idleness (Or, Notes from Sabbatical, Week 7)”

Notes from Sabbatical, Week 2

When everything around us shut down in March 2020, so did my rigorous daily yoga practice. I still remember vividly that first week of quarantine, when no one had any idea what was going on or what was going to happen. I was still on Instagram at that time, and when Emilia, then just aboutContinue reading “Notes from Sabbatical, Week 2”

Notes from Sabbatical, Week 1

Today is day 6 of my sabbatical. I have three months of paid leave—an incredible benefit that Automattic offers to employees every five years. Being at the company for 11.5 years, this is my second one. I had many plans and hopes for my first one in fall 2017, but it ultimately took a differentContinue reading “Notes from Sabbatical, Week 1”